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A Burning Passion

– By Kevin Geoffrey –                       What if Chanukah is more than just candles and presents? What if it isn’t really the memorial of a miracle? What if the real Chanukah story is actually a rallying cry for the Jewish people, and a graphic exhortation to

Terror Target in Las Vegas

– By Donna Diorio –                           In the darkest alleys of the internet lurks every kind of evil known to man including 23 year old Nevada man who was tracked by an FBI informant, likely from the Anti-Defamation League’s Center of Extremism trackers. The

The Art of Simcha

– By Janna Davis –                                This season is the time of year for the world to experience simcha, the Hebrew word for joy or gladness, through the celebrations of Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and the New Year.  What exactly is joy or

There Goes the Neighborhood

– By Cliff Keller –Ir Ganim’s community multi-year archaeology project was about much more than finding artifacts.One morning not too long ago, for what seemed like the thousandth time, I glanced out a rear window of our Jerusalem home in Givat Massuah.   Across the notch that separates that hilltop neighborhood from the next, lies Ir

Prophecy, Vintners and Aliyah - Part Two

– By Cliff Keller – “Wait while my husband puts on his shoes…” Ramot Naftali is an agricultural moshav in the Upper Galilee lying two miles southeast of Israel’s border with Lebanon. Upon a breezy hilltop overlooking the Hula Valley, a scant fifteen miles from the Syrian border and only fifty miles from the fated

A Visit, a Visionary, a Village and its Windmill

– By Cliff Keller – Wholly unique yet not unlike othersJerusalem’s Jaffa Gate was built in 1898 by Ottoman governors to allow German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II, to enter the city in a triumphal procession. The Kaiser had come to Jerusalem for the inauguration of the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, built on land given to

Prophecy, Vintners and Aliyah - Part One

– By Cliff Keller – Bring my sons and daughters…Every soul who has left home to live in modern Israel has a story, often fascinating, always a bit mysterious. But the inevitable mysteries embedded in each account—a vanished barrier, a recurring dream, a sequence of seeming coincidences, a nagging longing for the Land, aren’t truly mysterious

The Road to Zion with Aliyah Action Council

The Road to Zion with Aliyah Action Council- By Esther Glass -If you have been in the Messianic community for very long, you have most likely heard stories of believers making aliyah (a permanent return [move] to Israel). Perhaps you have heard a bad report. The story may have gone something like this…the person telling

Paul Wilbur and Friends Roar From Zion

Paul Wilbur and Friends Roar From Zionby Cliff KellerIn a way, planning for the Roar from Zion event, Paul Wilbur’s recent, immensely successful live performance in Jerusalem, began 2,800 years before the performance itself. And, with the aid of more recent efforts, Roar from Zion became a reality in no less than inspiring fashion. The

Standing for the Traditional Family

Standing for the Traditional Familyby Dvora ElishevaIt took a secular Jewish woman, a group of traditional Jewish people, and two Messianic Jews to wake up Haifa. This flame has become a torch spreading throughout Israel.Never before in history has the traditional family been under attack more. Worldwide, family values are being compromised on all levels.

UMJC Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

UMJC Celebrates Its 40TH AnniversaryBy Rabbi Russ ResnikDuring the 70s, when thousands of Jewish people were being swept intoan encounter with Yeshua, John and Patrice Fischer were reaching out to Jewish people in the Chicago area. They joined a few other young believersin exploring what it meant to live a Jewish life and follow Yeshua,

A Jewish Thanksgiving?

A Jewish Thanksgiving? By Yaniv RomanowskiA Familiar Jewish scene during the festival of Sukkot would be family and friends joyfully sitting around the delightfully decorated table in the Sukkah, giving thanks to G-d for blessings which include the bountiful foods from the harvest season which usually falls in October/November, and thanking G-d for all of His


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