The Jews and Christmas: A Deep and Complicated Romance

Chanukah and the Victorious Maccabees

A Burning Passion

Terror Target in Las Vegas

The Art of Simcha

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Honoring the Legacy of Ceil Rosen

It was sunset on the sixth night of Chanukah when Ceil Rosen was called into the loving embrace of the Messiah. To write a piece honoring her life seems an overwhelming responsibility. How does one condense a life of nearly eighty- seven years that helped to pioneer a movement which forever changed the way many

The (Re)Birth of a Nation

In 1915, director D.W. Griffith released his epic film, “The Birth of a Nation.” This historical fiction movie followed two American families fighting on opposite sides of the American Civil War. The film followed the characters up to and including the reunification of the United States. Although the film marked a major milestone in the

The Purest Jew Who Ever Lived

MacArthur’s host, Shapiro, perhaps America’s best-known (and most controversial) Orthodox Jew, graduated from high school at age 16, earned summa cum laudeand Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California at 20 and graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School at 23. Now age 35, Shapiro, after founding The Daily Wire, a news and opinion

Purim - Our Modern Day Enemies and Advocates

While preparing for the Jewish holiday of Purim which occurs on the 14th and 15th of Adar (March 20th and 21st) throughout Jewish communities in Israel and around the world, we need to ask ourselves crucial and relevant questions as we prepare our hearts and minds for this holiday, such as how does Purim connect

Chosen People Program Profile

“The Roman Empire, which persecuted us, and used to be the most powerful empire in the world, no longer exists…but we are still here, all these years later, and there is no one who can stop the plans of G-d,”declared Rabbi Jake Rosenberg, teacher at the Fifth Annual Muchan Conference in Rome, Italy, sponsored by

Leaders Remember Marc Chopinsky, Worship Leader and Man of G-d

Friends and family gathered in Haifa, Israel in October of 2018 to bury Marc Chopinsky. A man dear to the Messianic Jewish movement and to believers around the world, tears of joy and mourning accompanied the worship music athis service, which included songs written by Marc himself.According to service attendee Ron Cantor it had not

Passover in Israel—You Either Love it or Hate it

For many Israelis, Passover holds little or no religious significance. Whatever their ethnic or religious back- ground, from their perspective, the Haggadah is nothing more than a legend accompanied by traditions that help to maintain Jewish culture and identity. From the Seder plate and Afikomen to Elijah’s chair, the entire celebration for them is more

The Paul Liberman Scholarship Winner

Each year, two deserving students are awarded the Paul Liberman Messianic Jewish Studies Scholarship who are enrolled in an approved Messianic Jewish Studies (MJS) program. In our last issue, we profiled the first recipient Matthew Temple. This is a profile of Jared Eaton, the second of the two winners this year. Eaton grew up in

Despite Recent Setbacks, the Alliance for Israel Advocacy Remains Upbeat

The Alliance for Israel Advocacy (AIA) suffered two major setbacks this November in their ongoing efforts to support and publicize Israel’s Biblical claim to inhabit the Land. First, the Democratic Party—widely considered to be much less supportive of Israeli causes—regained the U.S. House majority after the November midterm elections. The second setback, and perhaps the

Dennis Karp - A Servant and a Leader

Raised in a Jewish home, within the Washington, D.C. area, Dennis Karp knew the meaning of the Sabbath and the reverent time set apart to honor that almost 25 hour holy-day. Each Friday night and Saturday morning Dennis and his family became involved in their Synagogue. Dennis also attended the Jewish holy-day services and was

Friends to Israel: Ohio Messianic Center and Prayer Network

Sar Shalom Center, home to Sar Shalom Messianic Congregation in North Central Ohio, hosted Israeli Knesset Deputy Speaker Hilik Bar on October 6, 2018, for a “Stand with Israel” event in honor of the 70th anniversary of Israel’s rebirth. Knesset Deputy Speaker Lauds Ohio. As second in charge of the 120-member Israeli parliament, Deputy Speaker

Messianic Jewish Bible Institute

The MJBI banquet commenced with the blast of the shofar, followed by Israeli believer, Ron Cantor, wel- coming the guests and ushering in the evening celebrating the work of MJBI through ministry updates and showcasing the educational work accomplished throughout the world. Guests were also treated to an extraordinary evening of fellowship with like-minded supporters