Dear Fellow Workers,

The current extra-ordinary times have put pressure on all aspects of business life. We in the non-profit sector have been affected in an intense way.
Donations are a way of preaching the Gospel. We may not be handing out materials on a street corner, but we are amplifying and energizing efforts we deem to be important.

We are thankful you consider “The Messianic Times” sufficiently important that you include us in your contributions. By doing so, you give life to our mutual concerns for the Jewish People and the Land of Israel. It is a sacred thing.
We ask, “How can we give our donors more for their money?” Thus, we have come up with a few ideas about how we can serve better.

The Messianic Times is, therefore, going to offer anyone who provides us with a gift of $18, a free one-year digital subscription to The Times. We are also offering to send a free digital copy of the latest May/June 2020 issue to anyone who requests it. Of course, someone can certainly ask for it to be sent to someone else as a gift.

We also wanted to mention that our blog on our website, The Sunny Side of the Wall, presents updates on what is occurring in Israel with the Covid 19 virus, and provides some insight to life in Israel under distress. Cliff Keller is our Israeli blogger and his submissions are quite interesting, light, and often present a humorous view of life in the Land. His latest, entitled “Something New Under the Sun” was recently uploaded, and is done quite well. Visit Our Blog Page to read it.

Our staff has made it known that we are here for our partners and subscribers, and if anyone needs prayer, feel free to call our toll-free line. Our newspaper is one of the “small and weak” things as mentioned in the Bible. Help us to bring blessing, blessing, blessing.

In Yeshua’s Spirit,

Paul Liberman, Board Chairman

PS. For your gift of $18, receive a free digital subscription, or a receive a complimentary free copy of the latest May/June 2020 paper in a digital format. .Kindly reply with your email address to It will be our pleasure to provide these to you.

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  • To bring the message of Yeshua (Jesus) to our Jewish people
  • To educate and inform the body of Believers about the Jewish Roots of Christianity through our interesting testimonies, articles and interviews
  • To provide current events about the last days Jewish revival worldwide
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