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Angela* is the fruit of a wonderful mission partnership. Our Finnish friend, Pihla*, who has been doing her missionary work quietly but effectively for many years, has conducted numerous interviews with Hungarian Holocaust survivors. These valuable stories have resulted in a book and deep friendships. Pihla started regular Bible studies with several of them and led them to the L-rd Yeshua. But she did not shield her contacts from us. She was happy to bring them to our events so that these dear people could meet other Jewish believers and be edified by their faith. The people of Israel live!

Pihla brought Angela to a special dinner with us called Am Israel Chai. We had planned this dinner for over a year, but had to postpone it several times due to the pandemic. Our goal was to uplift, comfort, and honor Holocaust survivors. We called on many Christian volunteers to help us; our intention was that these precious, deeply humiliated, and traumatized people would be touched by G-d’s love through the service and care of non-Jewish Christians.

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