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Chosen People Ministries, 125 Years of Service to the Jewish People Worldwide

– By SuSan Silver –

The Messianic Times heartily congratulates Chosen People Ministries on 125 extraordinary years of working its mission to “pray for, evangelize, disciple, and serve Jewish people everywhere and to help fellow believers do the same.”

The 125th year concluded at the end of 2019 with three days of festivities in New York City, where in 1894, Chosen People Ministries first began and today, the international headquarters are based. The “Heritage Tour” traced the steps of founder Rabbi Leopold Cohn, who left Hungary in 1892, came to New York in search of the Messiah, heard the gospel at a church on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and then dedicated his life to sharing the gospel with his fellow Jewish people. The tour featured the original church along with the Chosen People Ministries headquarters, the Brooklyn Messianic Center, and the Charles L. Feinberg Seminary.

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