College Antisemitism and its Impact on Millennials, Gen Z, and Messianic Jewish Ministry

by | Dec 29, 2022 | January / February 2023

Antisemitism. The word embodies brutal Nazism, persecution, and devastation in the European past, but the rise of antisemitism and hate crimes today, especially on more than 200 US college campuses, requires serious scrutiny as it threatens students and Messianic Jewish evangelism.

The ‘New Antisemitism’
Chosen People Ministries Southwest Regional Director Olivier Melnick, an author and expert in antisemitism, whose grandfather died in Auschwitz, differentiates between what he terms the “new antisemitism” (or modern antisemitism) and “classical antisemitism.” The latter had primarily European boundaries and “spread [only] as far as the European train network system.” The former, however, has virtually no limitations.

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