A Love Letter to the Jewish People

by | Dec 29, 2022 | January / February 2023

In our last edition, in my editorial, I stated that the Messianic Times always welcomes your thoughts, feedback, and letters. We want our community to have an opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue and we love to interact with our readers. We are so grateful for our readers and love to highlight those who are willing to write to us and share relevant issues and ideas with the Messianic community. This fall, one of our partners wrote a beautiful letter to us and it was so moving that we wanted to share it with you.

Dr. Charles and Kay Bascom served repeated terms in medical mission in Ethiopia from 1964-1996, where they encountered Christians and Jews in that country. Out of that experience, Kay assisted in the writing of a book that shared the testimonies of Ethiopian believers who were repressed during the two-decade Marxist regime in that country. It was during that process that Kay felt the calling to share with Americans the powerful stories of those she encountered in two books, Hidden Triumph in Ethiopia, and Overcomers.

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