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Every Wednesday morning before dawn, a group of dedicated and hard-working people arise from their sleep, dress, and make their way to seven different locations. Using forklifts, hand trucks, and muscle power, they lift, hoist, and pack boxes, bags, and crates of food onto trucks, and into vans. It is a labor of love for those in need, and of service to the L-rd. The Helping Hands Ministry in Agoura Hills, California, on the grounds of Beth Emunah Messianic Synagogue, began with a vision over five years ago. Karin Foreman, founder and leader of this ministry, reported it started when her daughter, a high school student at the time, participated in a campus service project to assist special education students in need. Foreman became involved, and the ministry has grown exponentially. From the humble beginnings of making sandwiches and packing sack lunches, Helping Hands now consists of several interrelated programs. Financed by a GoFundMe campaign, donations, and individual contributions, the scope of this ministry is far-reaching into many areas of life.
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