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Many Israelis found themselves stuck in India due to the spread of the coronavirus. Other Israelis were happy to stay. Indian pastors Andrew and Lavanya Yelchuri offer a helping hand to all… I don’t like you, but I like Jesus. Andrew Yelchuri and his wife, Lavanya, direct Chosen People Ministries’ outreach to the Jewish people in India. Andrew’s parents are Christian pastors. Lavanya, however, is the daughter of Hindu parents, yet Lavanya became a Believer. “When I was six or seven years old,” Lavanya told The Messianic Times, “I saw a Jesus movie and I fell in love with Him.
I didn’t know why I started loving Him. I come from a staunch Hindu family. We had rituals and went to temples. But when I went to the temples, I prayed to Jesus. I would tell the other gods, ‘I don’t know why I don’t like you, but I like Jesus.’
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