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The recent Supreme Court rulings favoring faith-based morality and ethics are cause for great celebration but not for assuming the battle is over. One of first great moral wins announced by the Court was the decades long battle for reversal of the Roe v. Wade federal abortion law. Amazingly it was won during a terribly frustrating season for Americans, watching horrified as our nation has been sliding into rampant depravity and corruption. The rulings this summer range from limiting the harmful overreach by the Environmental Protection Agency to spiritual issues like the Separation of Church and State. The Court ruled against the exclusion of religious schools from state tuition programs and against the prayer in school restriction. They ruled in favor of our First Amendment right to religious freedom of speech and other vital interests to the faith community like immigration, against mandatory vaccine testing mandates by major employers and Second Amendment gun rights.

Upcoming for the Justices are cases involving gender identity and sexual orientation. A U.S. District Court Judge ruled that Biden’s Title IX guidance likely violates federal law by misquoting the Supreme Court to equate sex and gender identity. SCOTUS will also hear a case about giving state legislatures the power to regulate elections, not judges. These are all moral, freedom, and constitutional issues that have to be fought in the court system. We must also pray for the spiritual warriors who are leading these legal and political battles representing us in our constitutional republic.

The linchpin of the recent rulings is Roe v. Wade. It is the central cohesive factor of the spiritual corruption that has impacted the United States of late. Abortion has been the most damaging influence on American life. Since the ruling in 1973 the degradation of American morality has spread spiritual decay across the land. When a nation places zero value on the weakest of humanity among us, spiritual erosion will occur on every front.

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