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Shira Sorko-Ram

– By Keren B. Negev –

Shira Sorko-Ram, a true pioneer of the Messianic Jewish movement in Israel Middle: In 1965, Shira meets Israel’s Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion

In 1965, Shira Sorko-Ram was privileged to meet Prime Minister David Ben Gurion while on a trip to Israel with her father. Upon their introduction, the Prime Minister asked the young American, “So, when are you moving to Israel?” .

Shira actually did move to Israel in 1967 from Dallas, Texas, where she spent her teens and college years. At twenty-seven, she came to the Land to shoot a documentary on the prophetic implications of the Six-Day War. She decided to make aliyah. During production of her film, Dry Bones, Shiracarefully studied the Old Testament. “By going through all the prophetic Scriptures, I realized God was going to bring the Jewish people back to the Land and to Himself—not to Christianity, but back to Biblical Judaism. The essence of Biblical Judaism is Salvation through the Lamb of God,” she states.

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