Dennis Karp – A Servant and a Leader

by | Jan 4, 2019 | January / February 2019

Dennis Karp – A Servant and a Leader

Raised in a Jewish home, within the Washington, D.C. area, Dennis Karp knew the meaning of the Sabbath and the reverent time set apart to honor that almost 25 hour holy-day. Each Friday night and Saturday morning Dennis and his family became involved in their Synagogue. Dennis also attended the Jewish holy-day services and was educated about them. Per Dennis, “Our life pretty much revolved around Synagogue.” he talks about this in his I Found Shalom video testimony. In this testimony, Dennis also shares his Jewish summer camp experiences.

“The last week of August every year, I went off to camp where Friday afternoons at 1:00 p.m. everything stopped. Cabins were cleaned and afterwards everyone got ready for Shabbat dressing in white. I remember walking into the Synagogue with the aroma of Shabbat all over me and smelling nothing but upper middle class Jewish people who wanted to talk about nothing else but their cars, houses, and where their kids were going to college which made me so sad…G-d was not there.”

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