Growing the Canadian Messianic Community

by | Mar 14, 2023 | March / April 2023

Now that the pandemic has passed, the Canadian Messianic community is beginning to bloom once again. A bedrock of Jewish evangelism missions in Canada for more than two hundred years laid the foundation for today’s growing Messianic community.

Dr. Daniel Nessim says that Jewish outreach missions began in 1819 and were organized primarily by Christians to convert Jews. However, there were a number of notable Jewish believers who assumed leadership roles, and with those Jewish leaders came more communal, Jewish activities.

Founded originally in 1809 as an interdenominational society by a Jewish believer, The London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews (LSPCJ) was the oldest and the largest Christian missionary enterprise in nineteenth-century British “Jewish missions.” In 1847, LSPCJ established a Toronto auxiliary, which had lapsed until prominent Jewish believer Isaac Hellmuth, who founded Huron College and the University of Western Ontario, helped re-establish it in 1863.

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