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Jews For Jesus Spreads the Gospel in Gush Dan

– By Chad Elliott –

For Over 40 Years, The Ministry Of Jews For Jesus Has Been Known For Its Bold Methods Of Street Evangelism. In Places Like New York City, It’s Common To See These Evangelists At Work, Clad In Bright T-Shirts With The Ministry Name On Front And Back Handing Out Colorful Broadsides (Gospel Tracts), And Engaging Anyone Who Wants To Talk On The Subject Of Yeshua.

In May 2008, JFJ applied their long-established methods in Israel, holding an evangelistic campaign in the Gush Dan area near Tel Aviv. Twenty staff members and volunteers were on the streets to share the Gospel with Israelis. The staff was a mixture of Israelis and workers from JFJ offices around the world, while volunteers came from the United States, Singapore, and Finland. The campaign represented the first step of Behold Your God (BYG) Israel; phase II of a worldwide program of outreach which JFJ first launched in 2001. The Gush Dan outreach was the first of twelve such campaigns which JFJ will hold in Israel over the next six years, according to Dan Sered, who heads the Tel Aviv branch office of the organization. Sered, a sabra, says Jews for Jesus has had a presence in Israel since 1994. In 2000, JFJ was granted an amuta, an official license to operate as a non-profit organization and the work there has continued to grow since then.

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