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Messianic Judaism – Through the Lens of an Atheist

Why would an agnostic dedicate her time and finances to the creation of a documentary about Messianic Judaism? Emma Mankey Hidem believes the fact that she grew up in a non-religious environment makes her uniquely suited to approach this controversial topic—without bias. “I am among that rare group in my generation who were raised atheist,” she explains. “I was never a Christian or a Jew, so my opinions are not affected by my beliefs, allowing me to be fair and respectful of all parties.”

In the Name of Yeshua will explore the argument surrounding the question,‘Is it possible to believe in Jesus and remain Jewish?’ “The stories on all sides of the debate,” says Emma, “will help us begin to understand the beliefs and practices of Messianic Judaism, as well as the history, controversy, and future of the movement. We’ll examine how Messianic Jews have come to endure so much intolerance and persecution, including being physically assaulted, spat upon, harassed, sent mail bombs, deported from Israel, described as a cult, and rejected by family and friends. This documentary will also address the traditional Jewish perspective: why they think Messianic Jews are no longer Jewish, why they are offended by Messianic Judaism, and what they’re doing to try and stop them.” In the course of her extensive research, Emma gained perspective on why some Jews dislike Messianic Judaism: it sheds light on Judaism’s lack of identity. “The definition of being Jewish often seems to be not believing in Jesus,” she observes. “Nobody really seems to know what makes one Jewish.”

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