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This past November, hundreds of Messianic leaders from all around the globe gathered to participate in the 15th anniversary of the Messianic Leader- ship Roundtable (MLR) conference. This annual event has been held in Phoenix, AZ and was organized and hosted by Jewish Voice Ministries Interna- tional (JVMI). Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, president and CEO of JVMI, cast the vision for this gathering from the simple desire to create an environment for fellowship of those in Jewish ministry and also for the purpose of aiding Messianic Jewish ministers to lead better through learning, sharing, and growing together.

Troy Wallace, Vice President of Congregation & Leadership Development for JVMI further explains, “MLR has created a space where the only qualification in gathering is being a leader of a Messianic Jewish ministry. There is no organizational business that needs to be attended to, nor is there any recruitment to join an organizational purpose or direction.”

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