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– By Corry –

Then we ponder the Proverbs 31 model—you know the one—the modern-day Gal Gadot Wonder Woman that no one can compare to even on our best days… do we stop to consider that this portion of scripture is not really speaking of the encapsulating of just one woman? Sorry to burst your bubble, guys, but even G-d Himself does not require such rigorous and unrealistic “hoop-jumping!“ (Ladies, take a collective sigh of relief!) Rather, this portion is a compilation of the qualities of a godly, reverent, capable, and willing servant of the Lord. She is not perfect, but she is chosen by her Father to fulfill her purpose on the earth and she knows it! During this season of recognition of mothers everywhere, featured here are six women who have stepped into the most awesome high-heeled pumps, aprons on, baby bottles and scrub brushes in tow, to make an impact on this planet for the kingdom of G-d. These matrons have finished their races well, leaving a legacy worth noting, emulating, and celebrating as “Mothers of the Faith.”

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