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By Zusha Cohen

Israel has more high-tech start-ups and a larger venture capital industry per capita than any other country in the world. In 2020, Israeli hi-tech and the nation’s eight outstanding research universities have teamed up, in effect, to meet the new challenges presented by the current pandemic.

“Intentional and Relentlessly Creative”

Who would deny that the world we now know is a significantly different place to live, work, raise children and pursue an education than it had been when the year began? December 2019 introduced this planet’s most recent and by far most challenging bout with pandemic when “patient zero,” a home-bound, Chinese male in his 70s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (who apparently had not visited the infamous Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan) first exhibited symptoms of coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19, as it is now better known.

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