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The Silver Lining of the Pandemic

By Dvora Elisheva

This tiny invisible virus has shaken the world. The body of Messiah can be certain of only one thing, G-d knows what is occurring and He must be up to something. While no one can possibly know the entire purposes of G-d in this situation, we should observe how the believers in Israel are employing all of their tools at their disposal to reach out to their congregations and communities, and examine how the good news is going forth from Israel, where it once began over two thousand years ago. We do know, however, that in the midst of these days of quarantine, Jewish people in Israel and around the world are increasingly asking the most important question: “L-rd, what are you saying?” In a recent interview on Israeli television, Interior Minister Arye Deri pointed out that Israel’s ultra-orthodox community was harder hit by the virus than other Israelis, and advocated that there was a need for soul-searching.People searching have found messages and worship services from Messianic congregations through Facebook Live, YouTube videos, and many other online venues. Without always being aware, congregations have been reaching people throughout Israel and beyond with the good news online.

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