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If a thousand years is as a day to the L-rd, then what is 25 years to old friends? And if that friendship is centered around music, ministry and worship, how then is the time relevance of that friendship and ministry measured? Twenty-five years ago, as a young Jewish believer simply trying to follow a prodding deep in his heart,Jeff Roberts met William Hallbrook at Tikvah Israel Congregation in Cleveland, OH, and the collaborating began with songwriting, leading worship and recording with the addition of vocalist, Denise Rose, in 1997. “My primary instrument was bass,” recalls Roberts, “But I quickly realized that I needed to learn piano.” And it’s a good thing he did! The Roberts and Hallbrook duo would go on to open for such recording artists as Paul Wilbur and Marty Goetz, and later, the trio provided music for a Sid Roth event and a series of six conferences for First Fruits of Zion. But after a short time and only one recording project, the group was no longer. The biblical concept of “a seed planted needs to die before it brings forth new life” would be tested by the parting of ways over a 25-year period.

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