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UMJC Celebrates Its 40TH Anniversary

By Rabbi Russ Resnik

During the 70s, when thousands of Jewish people were being swept into
an encounter with Yeshua, John and Patrice Fischer were reaching out to Jewish people in the Chicago area. They joined a few other young believers

in exploring what it meant to live a Jewish life and follow Yeshua, when most Christians as well as Jews insisted that you could not do both at the same time.

The group heard about a Jewish Studies class at Moody Bible Institute, taught by Dr. Louis Goldberg, which addressed this very question. But when John and two other core leaders went to Moody to sign up, they were turned away because their facial hair violated school policy. As they walked out of the lobby, they glanced up at a portrait of the Institute’s founder, D. L. Moody…sporting a full beard!

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