Yeshua on binge – A look at: The Chosen

by | Apr 27, 2020 | May / June 2020

Yeshua on binge – A look at: The Chosen 

– By Joe Miterko –

Growing up, I heard the Shabbat school version of Yeshua’s miracles and parables. Cool stuff! It is fun to demonstrate a sea that is slippery and my friend playing Yeshua pretending to catch me. Also cool to take a piece of bread and try to divide it up to as many small pieces as possible. And don’t forget the food coloring water to the fruit of the vine trick!
Now that I am an adult, it is hard to grasp the richness and depth of the Besorot (Good News accounts) on occasion. Yet it is easy to read the accounts casually; skim stories and skip over major details. We often read the stories within a postmodern 21st Century lens. Sometimes, we read them passively in a jaded fashion. Putting Yeshua in a first-century outlook is hard for us when we are swarmed with how to apply the Word of G-d everywhere in our society. This paradox leads to questions like: what did ancient Israel look like? Who traveled alongside the talmidim (disciples)? Were there secret talmidim? We read about Zaccheus (Luke 19) and Nicodemus (John 3, 7:50-52)—but who were they in real life? What did they do before Yeshua encountered them? There are many unanswered questions within the text of the Besorot. Yet, these indeed were people, doing real things, walking around real places.

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