Creatively Done: The Art of Life in Media and Ministry

by | Jul 9, 2019 | July / August 2019

Creatively Done: The Art of Life in Media and Ministry

Wise, artistically talented, kind-hearted, spiritual, articulate, beautiful, and a Jewish Believer are just a few words that describe the 22 year- old Israeli, Ronit Joy Holtz. Born in the United States, Ronit’s parents and her four siblings made Aliyah to Israel when she was just a little

girl. Ronit grew up in a fully Jewish home in Israel with both parents believing in Yeshua as Moshiach. Living in Israel as Messianic Jews, especially a decade ago, the Holtz family had to be very discreet about their true beliefs. From a young age, Ronit demonstrated both a spiritual and artistic side. Her first memories were of making drawings, little books, illustrated letters and gifts for family and friends, all with Scripture or Bible stories incorporated into her art. Thankfully, her parents recognized her talents and always encouraged her to pursue her passion in art.

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