Honoring the Legacy of Ceil Rosen

by | May 2, 2019 | May / June 2019

Honoring the Legacy of Ceil Rosen

It was sunset on the sixth night of Chanukah when Ceil Rosen was called into the loving embrace of the Messiah. To write a piece honoring her life seems an overwhelming responsibility. How does one condense a life of nearly eighty- seven years that helped to pioneer a movement which forever changed the way many of our people see Jesus?

We know she was a woman with a vibrant personality, fierce love, and faithful heart. She consistently and deliberately entered into whatever joy her loved ones were experiencing, love of G-d was the motivating force in her life and love of family was a close second. She was an unparalleled storyteller. She loved words, laughter, and hymns. Despite the pain she was in, even in her final days she was making her caregivers laugh and they often commented on her good humor and the joy she brought to them. Privately she expressed to her daughters her concern for the salvation of those who saw to her physical needs. She wanted their spiritual needs seen to.

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